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My Strengths.

Learning to Learn.

My Strengths.

Learning to Learn.

My Day at

7:30 The Door Is Open!

I can spend the early morning hours doing fun things with my friends and teachers, while my little brother and sister are playing outside with other children at the kindergarten in Grigaičiai before they are called to the breakfast table. 

8:00 My Breakfast

Before the classes start, I have a healthy breakfast that gives me energy for the whole morning. 

8:30 Morning Assembly

During our morning gatherings, I feel being part of a community that enjoys living and learning together.

9:00 Discovering the World

I get to know the world as a single indivisible whole, in which time, space and movement intertwine. Things that I discover are revealed through subjects that connect different areas of knowledge. 

10:00 Learning to Learn

I acquire tools here that I will need for the rest of my life: they help me realize that learning never stops. I learn to get to know myself better, not to be afraid to make mistakes, and to accept change without fear. I know that going on this path, I can count on the support of my mentors. 

11:30 Strengthening My Strengths

According to Howard Gardner, everyone has special abilities in some area. He calls it multiple intelligence. My school helps me unlock my strengths and talents. This is how my potential unfolds and my personality develops, growing the best me that I can be. 

12:30 My Lunch Break

After a delicious and healthy lunch and a respite in the backyard of the school, I am ready to plunge myself into the afternoon activities again! 

13:30 Another Language, Another World

English is finding an ever-growing place in my school life and is becoming my second language of learning. I can hear it in the classroom, in the corridors, in the school yard. I have the possibility to learn other foreign languages here, too, because it is true that language is a window to the world! 

14:30 Being Creative is Fun!

Creative tasks help develop my personal strengths, power of imagination, and thinking outside the box –qualities that the world of the future will need the most.  

15:30 My Afternoon

My day at school is coming to an end: I eat a freshly prepared warm meal in the school cafeteria and can go home – or I can stay and engage in my favourite activities!


16:00 Exploring My Talents

The formal learning time is over, but I can stay in school for a while and spend the evening doing fun activities that interest, inspire, and strengthen me. 

18:30 Time to Go Home

After a whole day spent at the countryside kindergarten, my brother and sister come back to the city. I did all my work at school, so I can spend the evening with my family and friends, or enjoying my hobbies.