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An African proverb says that it takes a village to raise a child. Today we could rephrase it, saying that it takes a school to raise a child: it’s an entire school community (from the school janitor to the headmaster, from the parents to the other children) that can provide both a safe and a stimulating environment to a growing child.  


Every person leaves a footprint on a child's path to adult life. That is why we strive to unite and to strengthen our community that works together in quest of a main goal, which is to develop personalities who are ready for future changes, have strong moral dispositions and take responsibility for their decisions.



  • The 1st of September marks the beginning of a new school year in Lithuania. Whether this date falls on a Tuesday or a Saturday, our school year always starts on the 1st of September!
  • Community Day: Saulės Gojus celebrates its birthday in the early autumn. Community Day is a great opportunity for us all to gather together.
  • Flea markets are a fun way of sharing things and giving them a new life, which we enjoy doing at least twice a year.
  • Christmas evenings give to the community the opportunity to spend some cosy moments together while waiting for the most joyful and luminous holiday of the year.
  • On the 13th of January, we commemorate all those to whom we are endlessly grateful for the privilege to live in a free country today.
  • The 16th of February is the birthday of our state, which we celebrate with lots of fun!
  • Our festivities on a Shrove Tuesday include feasting on home-baked pancakes, rooting for Lašininis or Kanapinis, riding a horse-drawn carriage (if we are lucky to have snow), burning Morė, and rollicking in all sorts of funny masks.
  • The 11th of March: Lithuania has two birthdays - isn’t it great?!
  • 4th Grade Graduation Party: an afternoon full of memories, words of gratitude, and wishes for the future.
  • Our Student Play marks the end of the school year: children from all grades show their performance skills on a real stage.

Knowledge Club


Our informal educational forum, the Knowledge Club, is where we share best practices, researchers’ latest findings, and practical advice on the education of a child in particular and on human well-being in general. We also invite special guests – renown experts in their fields whose works and insights contribute greatly to the scientific achievements of today’s Lithuania. Knowledge Club gives a unique opportunity to learn things that in one way or another have to do with our children, to find answers to the questions that come up when watching a TV show or reading an article, or to clear our mind of thoughts that sometimes do not let us sleep at night: in short, to know everything we always wanted to know about ourselves and our child but were afraid to ask!



Principles of the labour market apply not only outside our school, but they do regularly inside it, too! Our students learn to be part of the labour world by working in “firms” run by adult school staff (not only teachers!) and enthusiastic parents. After having written a cover letter and having received the approval of the “employer”, students can choose one of the numerous “firms”, such as “Apples of Gojus”, “Jerome's Frog Laboratory”, “The Jewellery Makers”, “Little Scent”, “Voice Band”, “Men's Affairs”, “Paper Objects”, “Lithuanian Scouts”, “Magic of Decoupage”, and “Mary Poppins”, to name a few. Like every labour market participant, a student has the right to change his or her job (but not earlier than after six months), or is in the risk of being fired if he or she loses the confidence of the “employer” (as a consequence, the now jobless student has to contact the “Employment Office” and study individually). The “corporate landscape” of Saulės Gojus changes from semester to semester, with firms disappearing and new ones appearing – just like it does in the real market economy driven by supply and demand…


The school's educational activities are further enriched by the involvement of parents, grandparents, friends and acquaintances. They share their life experience, knowledge, and wisdom, thus giving even more strength to the community of Saulės Gojus.