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Maybe you‘ve been feeling for a while now that things that you are doing don‘t satisfy you anymore? That you are out of place but you know exactly where the place is that you wish to belong to? Does your face brighten up involuntarily, every time you go past a school?


If you want to exclaim "Yes!" to these words, then you are the one we are speaking to! If you hold a college or university degree, have good English and excellent teamwork skills, if you are eager to constantly learn and improve, if you look a child in the eye and not in the back of his head, if you are aware of the importance of the teacher‘s work and his crucial impact on the future of the humanity - do not hesitate and send your CV to us at


We are currently looking for an assistant preschool teacher and an English-speaking primary teacher. Join us at Saulės Gojus and let us change the world together!